Health Protection

  • Ship production of great potable water quality
  • Controlled production process of potable water
  • Onboard potable water produced is rich in mineral elements, needed by the human body
  • Production capability of leading quality of Metallic water
  • Leading antimicrobial protection by using a UV Lamp


  • Buy one-off onboard mineral water production unit
  • Return On Investment < 3 Months
  • Savings from stop purchasing bottled water
  • Savings from logistics by stop buying bottled water

Waste Management

  • Stop collecting bottled plastic waste
  • Stop packing up bottled plastic waste
  • Stop delivery services of bottled plastic waste to each local port's waste collection company

Crew Stops Handling

  • Transport and storage of bottled water packages
  • Collection and packaging of bottled plastic waste
  • Transport and delivery of bottled plastic waste

Environmental Protection

  • Maintain clean oceans
  • Stop using plastic, the worst dirt for the eco-system
  • Directly reduce GHGs

Green Shipping

  • A closer step towards green ships. Vessels directly adopt basic rules and processes for protecting the ocean.

Ship Supply and Waste Chain Benefits

Free Up Supply & Waste Chain

Get It On-Board

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  • Want your ship to constantly produce its own mineral crystal-clear drinking and cooking water
  • From 380-10.000 Ltrs. per Day
  • To reduce GHGs
  • To save money
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